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Jan Kristiansen works with leaders and organisations who struggle with issues such as creating effective leadership impact and achieving efficient team performance. With over 20 years of successful management and leadership experience from global organisations including L’Oreal, Unilever and COTY.

Jan instils the belief and confidence to lead in others and helps leaders and organisations increase leadership impact, recruit and develop high-potential talent and create efficient team performance with an approach that draws from Business Emotional Intelligence (Business-EQ).

What is Business-EQ (Business Emotional Intelligence)

Business Emotional Intelligence is a practical, work based approach to Emotional Intelligence that helps individuals and teams understand why people behave the way they do and how to maximise their engagement with, and performance at, work.


Business Emotional Intelligence or Business EQ focuses on the critical emotions and underlying behavioural traits that predict occupational performance.


The key to the Business Emotional Intelligence is self-awareness and awareness of others, it explains peoples’ capability to manage their emotions and behaviours at work and what effect it has on their potential and their performance.

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Why Business EQ?

Are you struggling to identify your most effective leadership style?
Would you like to uncover the blind spots that stop the development of your leadership potential? Do you need to increase the effectiveness of your teams? Are you recruiting and developing the right talent to breed a culture of success?


Some people have been conditioned to believe that emotions are not welcome in the workplace and that work decisions should be based on cold, logical reason. Leadership research tells us that the lack of interpersonal skills and the inability to adapt are the two main factors in derailing careers.


With leaders in organisations spending up to 80% of their time talking and understanding others, changing the nature of how people engage and work with each other in an organisation can be the single most powerful way a leader can encourage performance breakthroughs.


Today there is more and more research in the rapidly expanding field of Emotional Intelligence at work, indicating that the proper understanding and use of emotions, is critical in helping leaders and teams become more effective and better communicators.


Now, more than ever, Business Emotional Intelligence is becoming the new standard in evaluating a leader’s impact on teams and organisations. 


Teamwork matters!

The EBW Emotional Intelligence Team Programme is a powerful experience for delegates. It builds their Business Emotional Intelligence and changes their performance by operating at a deeper level of attitudes and emotions that underpin behaviour and performance within the team.

A Word From My Clients

Making use of the EBW assessment as part of my personal development plan was stimulating and educational. The comprehensive report I obtained was very accurate and useful in confirming multiple areas I need to work on. I highly recommend working with Jan, and the EBW approach, as it helped me generate a roadmap and to improve the effectiveness of my leadership style as well as my self-awareness.

Nick M. – Managing Director – Dec18

Jan has been invaluable in my quest for change. His feedback on my EBW Business Emotional Intelligence report was in-depth, balanced and open-minded.  His approach elicits creative solution finding; our sessions have been thought-provoking and motivational.  His skill as a coach was matched by his commitment to my success.  I would recommend Jan, with complete confidence, to anyone looking to develop highly functioning teams and inspirational leaders.”

Ceri H. - Mental Health & Wellness Consultant – Jan19

Jan, with his many years of experience leading complex and diverse teams in different geographies, is very well equipped to guide you on your career development journey. He genuinely takes an interest in his coachees’ development and through the use of the EBW tool, Jan was able to effectively point out my strengths and opportunity areas in a clear and concise manner. This has in turn allowed me to put in clear action steps to develop myself further in the workplace.

Andy T. – Regional CFO – Mar19

Training & Accreditation

EBW Global Team EQ Partner
EBW Global Business EQ Partner
Association for Coaching member
ACCPH Member
New Insights Life Coach
British Psychological Society

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