Jan Kristiansen

I’m Jan, the founder of JK Coaching. Backed by over 20 years of successful business management and leadership experience, I work with leaders and organisations who struggle with issues such as creating effective leadership impact and achieving efficient team performance.

As a Certified and Licensed Partner, I draw from the EBW Business-EQ System to help leaders assess their Business Emotional Intelligence and provide insights into their leadership style. It enables forward-looking organisations to access the power of emotions to create better leaders, more productive teams and team members.


Using a range of EBW assessments, tools and programmes, I coach leaders and teams to instantly see which emotions and behaviours are inhibitors or activators to effective leadership and team performance. Behaviours that slow down progress can easily be identified.

With the EBW System, leaders learn which leadership style suits different situations and when and how to use their Business-EQ to inspire, motivate, delegate, support and bring their organisation to greater success.

My own route to creating a solid experience in senior management and leadership, initially kicked off in Fashion Retail at Denmark’s leading chain of department stores, Magasin du Nord & Illum. Being offered a place on their coveted management training programme enabled me to ‘go behind the scenes’ reaching sales and buying management roles and my first taste of working in an international environment.

After being introduced to the Perfume & Cosmetics industry via the Travel Retail channel (ex. Duty Free) I had the opportunity to create a path that helped me extend my career into export and wholesale with global organisations including L’Oreal, Unilever and COTY. Working at such large corporations quickly equipped me with invaluable learning around complex structures and operations, multi-facetted cultures as well as the importance of inter- and intra-personal skills.

A career that focussed on International sales, marketing and general management took me to inspiring destinations including Paris, Switzerland, London and Asia where I completed my corporate career with nearly 6 years as General Manager for COTY’s Asia Pacific Region based out of Singapore.

It was out of the extraordinary enriching experience of working in such multi-national and cross-cultured environments, that my passion for helping others – individuals, teams & organisations – grew, and combining these experiences with what now is my vocation, I truly enjoy helping others make the best of their careers, improve their business and relationships by becoming emotional intelligent at work.

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