Are you looking to take your business to the next level?


With a focus on strategic planning, organisational structuring, management and operations and a fully customisable service package to meet your precise business needs, I work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs finding ways to generate efficiency and growth.


    Professional business consulting service

    Supported by an extensive and successful background in business general management at senior level in sales, marketing and finance, I help you: 

    • Create a clear vision of immediate goals/desired outcomes
    • Develop a strategy and set your action plan
    • Optimise your structure, both on paper and in reality
    • Establish and execute the needs for individual and team development
    • Energise your marketing planning – get your product sold
    • Optimise your sales forecasting – realistic and accurate delivery
    • Gain P&L efficiency – keep control of your business and fuel for growth
    • See beyond today and tomorrow – plan for the future
    • Thrive in your business – have a work life balance