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Business Emotional Intelligence

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 If you are looking to get ahead with your own Business-EQ development, then get started here by gaining access to your own comprehensive and personal EBW EQ report and support tool. After a 20-30 minutes online assessment, we will meet for a 2-hour individual feedback and coaching session to equip you with powerful self-awareness and a personal action plan to reach your required outcome.

The EBW is a highly accurate and reliable assessment of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace (Business-EQ) that enables you to improve your performance by assessing and providing you with feedback on key emotions and behaviours that predict occupational success.

The EBW approach is practical and straightforward, focusing on 8 key factors that affect Emotional Intelligence at work. This intuitive tool will resonate with you as it does with successful business leaders and teams who quickly recognise how their emotions and behaviours impact on their success and on others. It offers you guidance at all junctures in your working life, enabling you to identify your natural strengths and what will be a fulfilling career role. With its engaging accessible business language and its developmental framework, it is easy to use and works across industries and cultures.

If you are ready to take control of the success in your career, using Business-EQ, then contact me for a no obligations discovery call.