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Transform high potentials and increase talent retention with a more resilient workforce

Changing the nature of how people work with each other can be the single most powerful and cost-effective way a leader can bring about performance breakthroughs. Changing the nature of how people work with each other can be the single most powerful and cost-effective way a leader can bring about performance breakthroughs.

So, what would change if each member of the team were able to realise more of their potential and contribute at a higher level to your organisation’s success? EBW coaching ensures leaders and teams realise their potential by focusing on key underlying emotions and behaviours (Business-EQ) that change the way people work with others and their performance.

Do you need to:

  • Deal with difficult/successful people?
  • Improve strategic thinking?
  • Drive team productivity?
  • Develop leadership capability?
  • Reduce conflict and promote resilience?
  • Achieve higher sales?
  • Create a culture of personal responsibility for performance?

Get Fast Track Change

I draw from the EBW coaching approach, ensuring you have the focus, the insight and the tools to effectively manage the 8 key emotions and behaviours that underpin engagement and performance in the workplace. This focused, straightforward and structured approach, with clear links to leadership & performance, ensures you develop your self-management and people management skills on the fast track.

EBW coaching is about developing the capability to focus on the key underlying emotions and behaviours (Business Emotional Intelligence) to change people’s performance and the way they work with others.

It has helped organisations across the globe to be more effective at:

  • Increasing leaders’ awareness of their impact and understanding of others.
  • Effectively supporting the induction or appointment of a senior person into a new role.
  • Accelerating the personal development of ‘high potential’ individuals.
  • Underpinning the implementation of organisational change through supporting teams and leaders.
  • Developing individuals engaged in wider personal effectiveness programmes (converting good managers into top leaders).

Specifically, EBW coaching delivers:

Insight and structure to conflicting thoughts, emotions and behaviour, so you move forward at a faster pace.

The skills and tools to respond effectively to the emotions and behaviours of others. More self-awareness – uncovers blind spots that cause career derailment.

Improved leadership capability allowing you to change leadership style to suit business needs.

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