Build Highly Effective Teams Programme

Create and engage Teams with EBW EQ Maps

Team-EQ Maps lead to better decision making with more creative solutions and higher productivity


Do you want to:

  • Build your team’s impact within your organisation?
  • Resolve deep rooted issues between team members
  • Understand the emotional behaviours behind capability?
  • Get disruptive teams to work well together?
  • Have clear action plans for high performing teams?

With the EBWt Team System I bring you a series of Business-EQ Maps of your team from a ‘360’ viewpoint, showing the impact each member has on colleagues and the performance of the team.

Leaders and teams can see instantly which emotions and behaviours are inhibitors and activators to effective team performance.

Barriers to progress are easily identifiable (click diagram to see more detail) and what to change to make the team successful.


The EBWt Team System is used for:

  • Building a team’s awareness of emotions and behaviours that affect performance
  • Developing a deep understanding of how to operate as a successful cross cultural or global team
  • Creating a positive, safe environment to resolving deep routed issues between team members
  • Empowering and supporting leaders/managers to build successful teams
  • Creating a fun approach for teams to get to know each other better
  • Unlocking a team’s Business EQ, improving rapport, trust and productivity
  • Inspires a sense of collective responsibility, mutual respect and drive when your team needs it most
  • Enabling teams to take immediate action on the drivers of team effectiveness


Drivers of Team Effectiveness:

  • Vision
  • Trust
  • Identity
  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Working Together


The EBW Emotional Intelligence Team Programme is a powerful experience for delegates, it builds their Business Emotional Intelligence and changes their performance by operating at a deeper level of attitudes and emotions that underpin behaviour and performance within the team.

It is aimed at those working in team environments where there are frequent and challenging interactions with colleagues or customers.

It is particularly useful for those leaders and teams who are struggling to understand the underlying cause of their team’s performance and want a clear road map for improvement.
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